Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Misery loves company

...so that's why I'm blogging tonight. I need virtual commiserating! HA!

No, I just had to vent about the girl today. First, she woke up at 5:50 and didn't go back to sleep, or to her own room. Meanwhile, the rooster in the other bedroom managed to sleep til 6:45. If it ain't one, it's the other.

She then proceeded to exhaust me with her disobedience. I took away the crayons before 8 AM, computer game time before lunch, and swim time before nap. I really hoped she would wake up better behaved because I was running out of things to do with her.

What I hate most of all on these days is my own anger. I hate when I lose my cool, I hate when I hurt others, especially my precious girl, in my anger. I hate how I sound. I hate the ineffectiveness of anger. I don't win. She doesn't behave better. I don't feel better.

I'm learning what to let slide and how to pick my battles. I'm trying to have foresight--to see how my reaction in a situation has consequences, good or bad. I'm trying not to use my s**t pass! And I'm praying as much for my own heart as I am hers.

In other news, Benjamin was a doll today and his first tooth has made an appearance.

Love you all!


patti said...

OH my...sounds like a recap our our discussion on Sunday! You are a great mom! And even though staying the line is tough, you are doing a great job and the reward will be a girl who knows that her momma loves her! On the bright side, usually days like this are followed by nicer ones. We often revel in the fact that once we lower the boom on the girl her behavior changes. We wonder what the hell took us so long to discipline her in the first place! MUAH! xooxo P

Goes On Runs said...

we had the same day on wednesday. identical. he went to bed without supper. that is a first for this household...at least in regards to discipline. i'm reading a parenting book....two core questions kids have (i think we all have) 1. am i loved? 2. can i have my own way? i test the lord and my kid tests me. ain't that just the dickens.

Goes On Runs said...

one more thing...i used the a$$ pass on his.... :)