Sunday, September 9, 2007

Birthday Girl

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I can't believe the girl is three. No really, I can't. It doesn't seem like "just yesterday" because I can't remember "yesterday" but three seems really big for me. She's not a baby, not really a toddler, she's three!

We had a few friends and family over yesterday for some BBQ brisket, racing, and college football. Sorry, Michigan. As I suspected, Rebekah did not want to actually race with her car being as the grass was wet and dirty but she had fun, I think. The cake looks homemade because it was but Rebekah told me I make good birthday cake. This after she "helped" in the morning by sticking the little cars into the unfrosted cake, leaving gaping holes in the cake that I had to cut out and frost over. The biggest hits of the day--the huge mylar "Mater" balloon Dave got for her in the morning and the talking Mater from Aunt Jennifer. She actually squealed everytime he said something or raced across the room and I saw her hugging him at night.


Leslie said...

Happy birthday, Bekah! Wow, Amy, has it been three years? I loved the race car theme! Only David's kid!

Katie said...

Awww- how FUN! Can't believe we missed it. Mine will be so bummed when they see the pics... (Shaun included.) :) Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!