Friday, September 7, 2007

Girl Genius?

Yesterday afternoon, Rebekah and I were playing in her room. I had convinced her we needed to pretend to go to sleep. She was done with her "nap" after 10 seconds. I still had my eyes shut.

"Mom, you need to open your eyes."

"I'm just resting my eyes. My head hurts today."

Rubbing the top of my head, "I don't feel any bumps. You're okay."

Later, at the fridge, while I was making dinner, she asked how to spell "Meg," a friend at MMO. I instructed her to listen to the letter sounds and then I slowly sounded it out.

"M, M," she said and found the M magnet. "Eh, eh, E!" "Guh, guh, G!"

"Mmmehehehguh," I said. "Way to go, Rebekah!"

"Meg," she said, and then put a "D" at the end. Which makes perfect sense considering her G's sound like D's as in "bid dirl," "yodirt," and those "dram crackers" she likes for snack.


Leslie said...

LOL! You, in fact, have a real Einstein on your hands!

patti said...

I love how they think that the 'ing'ending is actually 'wing'...cause thats how it sounds!

I will leave the book on your step as soon a brad gets done with it!:) xooxo want me to get some HS kids for you for fall festival? Email me and we can chat about it!