Sunday, September 30, 2007

What a change in weather will do

I felt a bit like a northener today. Let me explain....

Today was the first noticeable respite from muggy, oppressive Florida summer. I felt the dryness in the air going to the car this morning. I didn't sweat walking out of church. The sun actually felt warm in a good way, comforting and welcome.

After naptime, we all got sneakers on and went out to the front yard. Ben sat on a beach towel on the newly mowed lawn and Dave and Rebekah got out balls and sidewalk chalk. We were joined by our neighbors' kids ranging from a college freshman to 5th grader and a few of their friends. Our front lawn joins with our next door neighbors to form the largest expanse of grass on our circle and soon Dave was kicking soccer balls and throwing footballs. Pastor Creech even tossed a few!

We chatted with neighbors, talked college football. A neighbor taking his trash to the curb yelled "War Eagle" across the cul de sac to the Gator. Our soundtrack was the classic rock coming from his garage. Rebekah flitted and chatted and scribbled. Ben tried to eat grass clippings. Everyone was out enjoying the change in weather.

It was like we all emerged from our burrows after a long winter and finally saw another human again. That's what a slight cool front that brings the temperature to the mid80's will do.

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Goes On Runs said...

it is still muggy as all get out here. my hair is still in a ponytail. i can't wait for the real fall.