Tuesday, September 25, 2007

While daddy's away

Dave and his dad spent the weekend in NYC taking in some baseball games--Yankees and Mets--and touring the high points of the city. And since I wasn't able to go, I decided I should get to paint the family room. The color is Benjamin Moore's Mayflower Red and quite different from the neutral shade I painted the whole house in when we moved in. I had evidently forgotten what a difficult room it is to paint. It's not large and there's only three walls really but this is the only room with a vaulted ceiling which meant I had to get the 12 ft. ladder out (very humorous to watch) and try not to kill myself. Plus, these walls are heavily textured and my wrist is still sore from pressing the roller into the wall to get the paint into every nook. And it's the drippingest paint ever and red paint that drips is not good. Add a popcorn ceiling that's hard to cut in next to and 1980's paneling with grooves and it was not an easy paint job. You can see I still have the hallway to paint (and I'm trying to remove that shelf by the fireplace) and I'll be rearranging the accessories. I didn't show Dave the color before he left but he approved when he got home. I can't wait to get my fall decorations out to complement the new color.

We survived without Dad for three days though Rebekah was quite mopey which I must say, I was a bit offended by. Am I not the one who gets her fed, dressed, cleaned every day? But when Dad leaves, so does the fun. And having Dave gone over a weekend was a bit rough for her. She did faithfully watch NASCAR on Sunday without him and saw Carl Edwards win. By Monday night I was missing my man too--not just the extra pair of hands but actually him. Good to know after nearly 7 years.


Leslie said...

Down side: ungrateful children!!!
Upside: the color looks great!

Leslie said...

Oh, Robert said to let him know if you're looking for a job. You did a fantastic job!

Vicki Taylor said...

Great color! Red's great when you're finished... not so much fun to paint with though.

Goes On Runs said...

awesome color!!!

patti said...

Same story at our house...I always say..."Why all the hysteria when Dad gets home?" She replies..."Im with you all day..."

Ive seen your house under three owners...what transformations it has undergone! Yummy color