Thursday, September 27, 2007

Go Yankees!

Dave did the traditional "daddy travelling" thing and brought back t-shirts for the kids. Go Yanks! (Please note that my children were less than thrilled about being photographed and did not sit still. These shots are not entirely a commentary on my photograpy skills.)

Rebekah has a pink (of course) Alex Rodriguez shirt and Ben's is #2 Derek Jeter. Dave looked for Roger Clemens for Ben since that's more his body type but no luck.

For himself, Dave got a Joba Chamberlin shirt with "Joba Rules!" on the front and it wasn't until later that he got the joke: Coach Torre has implemented a set of "Joba rules" limiting the days the rookie pitcher can play and now fans yell "Joba Rules" for him. Dave said the place went nuts on Sunday when they brought him out. And they won too.

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